Month: March 2016

Some useful SRM advance settings

Most of us who work with SRM will know that a success of an SRM (Vmware Site recovery manager) workflows is highly dependent on time a storage array takes to process SRA commands. While working with customers I have noticed that following advance settings are very handy in tuning the SRM timeout for letting it wait longer. Storage Settings: storage.commandTimeout: The default value of this parameter is 300 seconds. This setting determines how long SRM

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How to map vmdk files to Disk Number or the device name inside the guest OS.

Step1: Find out the PCI slot ID of the SCSI controller on the VM and make a note of them. You will need them in Step2PCI slot ID of the SCSI controller on the VM can be obtained by running a simple command on the vmx for the VM The above command will generate an output similar to. Step2: Find disk information within the guest OS. The steps to obtain this information depends upon the

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