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Isolating Stale VMDKs

Step 1: Generate a list of vmdk associated with the VMs In this step, we will generate a list of VMDKs associated with all the VMs registered on a vCenter server. Save the following code as a PowerShell script Script 1: Connect to the vCenter server using following command Execute the script 1 The execution of the above script will generate VmInfo.csv at the path of execution. Step 2: Generate a list of vmdks associated

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How to map vmdk files to Disk Number or the device name inside the guest OS.

Step1: Find out the PCI slot ID of the SCSI controller on the VM and make a note of them. You will need them in Step2PCI slot ID of the SCSI controller on the VM can be obtained by running a simple command on the vmx for the VM The above command will generate an output similar to. Step2: Find disk information within the guest OS. The steps to obtain this information depends upon the

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