Month: May 2019

Mass lunreset

Introduction: The organization’s data center suffered a power loss impacting multiple components and systems. Post the power restoration you are observing issues with in your SDDC platform like but not limited to below ESXi hosts keep dropping out of vCenter server Multiple VMFS datastores are inaccessible or facing performance issues   Host reboots have been attempted The scale of the environment is making it difficult to isolate the hosts that need a reboot Solution: A quick

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Find VMs with unwanted devices

Introduction: As an administrator for a vSphere environment you may come across situation where you have a lot of  VMs configured with unnecessary hardware like USB device, Floppy disk or a serial  device. The presence of such devices can impact the efficiency of DRS leading to the imbalanced cluster. In a large-scale environment, it can be difficult to find and fix such VMs. The code below provides an ability to create a csv report for

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