Slice and Dice esxtop -b output

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About a year ago I posted a python code to slice and dice esxtop -b output file.  It had many dependencies on the platform like

  • Setting up the correct version of python
  • Setting up the Jupyter notebook
  • It was still a CLI in a web browser

Therefore, I have made a few updates to it and have created a Windows based application. You may download it using the links below

Download link:

How to use?

  1. Install or extract at your preferred location 
  2. execute esxtopdrillx86.exe 
  • Select a working directory 
  • Select the csv file to process 
  • Input an object level filter 
  • Make your choice 
  • Review the plot
  • The tool logs about the output files generated  in the console 

Known issues:

  • A blank plot is generated with every valid plot. This is a bug with python library I am using to Plot graphs. No fix as if now
  • The application goes into not responding state If you let the application sit idle for 5 to 6 minutes post your first selection 

I am also working on a fault finder module. Stay tuned and Feel free to bug me with bugs ?.

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