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Adding the host to Distributed switch and Mapping the VMs [V2]

A few days ago, I posted a DVS management script that added hosts, uplinks and mapped VM based on user inputs in the form of prompts and csv file. A colleague of mine used that script and found a use case where it could be seriously destructive. I will refer to that as V1 script in rest of the post Failed use case: The V1 script  made use of Auto assign vmnic to DVS uplink.

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Adding the host to Distributed switch and Mapping the VMs [V1]

Hello 2020 and my fist technical post of  the year. Use case: You have built a new vCenter from scratch and would like to move host from an existing vCenter server to this one. As a preparation for this migration you performed following steps 1 Created Network mapping of all VMs in the source vCenter server 2 Exported the Distributed switch configuration from the source vCenter server 3 Imported the Distributed switch configuration to the

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Reset Syslog.Global.Loghost to blank

This morning I worked with the customer where syslog traffic was choking an already crippled network.   As a quick fix we wanted to spare the  network from syslog data being generated by ESXi hosts. The only problem was that we had a few hundred host at hand. SSH and UI was not an option.

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Find CPU, Memory and Volume Info

Introduction: As a Wintel admin you might come across a situation where you want specific information about CPU, Memory and Volume information for multiple servers. The script below is a quick way to find this info Prerequisite: The user that runs this script must have local administrator access on the remote system You need to have a list of host names or IPs for the  remote systems PowerShell version 5 or above Code:

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