Month: October 2019

Reset Syslog.Global.Loghost to blank

This morning I worked with the customer where syslog traffic was choking an already crippled network.   As a quick fix we wanted to spare the  network from syslog data being generated by ESXi hosts. The only problem was that we had a few hundred host at hand. SSH and UI was not an option. Advertisements

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Debloat DB (PostgreSQL) for VMware appliances

As vSphere admin you might be managing a few VMware appliances running an instance of PostgreSQL like SRM, vCenter etc In most of these appliances PostgreSQL runs with the default setting for Auto-vacuum.  In some setups the default setting might not be aggressive  enough to keep the DB lean. If you have a fat DB,  you might want to check the bloating levels The procedure might impact the performance of the application. Step1: Connect to

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ESX 3.x on VMware Cloud on AWS?

ESX 3.x on VMware Cloud on AWS? ESX 3.x on VMware Cloud on AWS? VMworld Barcelona is just around the corner and this week I started working on building out the different demo environments which will all be running on VMware Cloud on AWS. In one of the demos, I need to have ESX 3.0 running, yes you read that correctly! ESX as in the original version with the […] VMware Social Media Advocacy

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