Reset Syslog.Global.Loghost to blank

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This morning I worked with the customer where syslog traffic was choking an already crippled network.  

As a quick fix we wanted to spare the  network from syslog data being generated by ESXi hosts. The only problem was that we had a few hundred host at hand. SSH and UI was not an option.

#Change the FQDN of vCenter server per your enviroment
Connect-VIServer -Server
#Change the $Cluster as per your enviroment
$cluster = "sgp"
#Change the $datacenter as per your enviroment
$datacenter = "nukescloud"
#Applying the setting
$hosts = Get-Datacenter $datacenter | Get-Cluster -Name $cluster | Get-VMHost
Get-AdvancedSetting -Name "Syslog.Global.Loghost" -Entity $hosts | Set-AdvancedSetting -Value ""
#Change the -Server per your enviroment
Disconnect-VIServer -Server