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Connecting to a vPostgres instance: For most VMware products you can connect to the vPostgres instance using the command below Sometimes, the default user for vPostgres is not “postgres”. The above command will fail in that case. One such application is Site Recovery Manager. For these applications, you can find the vPostgres user details by reviewing the out of ps -aux command. Look at the line 3, the location following “-D” is where you should

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Debloat DB (PostgreSQL) for VMware appliances

As vSphere admin you might be managing a few VMware appliances running an instance of PostgreSQL like SRM, vCenter etc In most of these appliances PostgreSQL runs with the default setting for Auto-vacuum.  In some setups the default setting might not be aggressive  enough to keep the DB lean. If you have a fat DB,  you might want to check the bloating levels The procedure might impact the performance of the application. Step1: Connect to

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