India’s vaccination drive or a logistical nightmare

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Data is as close as humans can get to the handwriting of God, and it never lies. Let’s look at what India needs to achieve to reach 100% vaccinated state.

Assuming Protection time of Vaccination is 7 Months, and We need to vaccinate the whole population in 7 months.

The approximate Population of India as of 2020 was 1339920826, this Number is calculated by extrapolation of Crude birth and Death rate against Population reported in 2011 Census.

Based on above India need 191417261 Jabs per month just for Dose 1.

Let’s put the numbers in prospective

191417261 is 19.6 X  United Arab Emirates, 7.6 X  Australia, 5.1 X  Canada, 2.4 X  Germany, 32.9 X  Denmark, 2.9 X  France, 2.9 X  United Kingdom, 3.2 X  Italy, 67.6 X  Qatar, 5.6 X  Saudi Arabia, 33.6 X  Singapore and 0.6 X  United States total population

With 7 months of aggressive target, there will be a 4 months overlap for Dose 1 and Dose 2, Therefore  we will need 382834522 Jabs per Month during those months.

382834522 is 39.2 X  United Arab Emirates, 15.1 X  Australia, 10.2 X  Canada, 4.7 X Germany, 65.8 X  Denmark, 5.8 X  France, 5.8 X  United Kingdom, 6.4 X  Italy, 135.2 X  Qatar, 11.2 X  Saudi Arabia, 67.2 X  Singapore, 1.2 X  United States total population

Scale is India’s injury and a corrupted system it’s insult. India’s vaccination drive is a logistical challenge never been encountered before. The only country that handled this at a scale like India is China.

Unfortunately what happens in China stays in China unless it is a manufacturing order. Further, China’s ways of governance is not really appreciated globally.

Therefore, even if China shares there model it may not sit well with Indian circumstances and thinking process .

Most political leaders and parties are incompetent of solving this problem. The only place where the brain power to solve this technical, logistic and financial problems exist in India is probably  at IITs, IIMs, DRDO and ISRO.

The Government is just too far away for an intelligent common man. 

I am +ve that all of the above institutes are working there ass off to save yours and things will improve Soon.

Until then put that urge to criticize the system on hold and do whatever you can to be the part of solution. The energy spent in cursing a broken system is energy wasted.